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NH Senate and House Pass Package of Gun Violence Prevention Bills, Next Stop Governor’s Desk

CONCORD, NH – Today the NH Senate and House passed the final piece of legislation in a package of gun safety bills headed for the Governor’s desk. HB 109 requires background checks for firearms sales and completely closes… Read More

Statement on House Criminal Justice Committee Passage of HB 109, Closing Background Checks Loopholes to Keep Guns Out of Hands of Dangerous Felons, Domestic Abusers, and Other Prohibited Persons

CONCORD, NH – Today the NH House Criminal Justice Committee passed HB 109, closing background checks loopholes, by a vote of 10-9. Statements from the prime sponsor and advocates: “The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NCIS) has… Read More

Statement on House Education Committee Passage of HB 564, Statewide Gun Free Schools Bill

CONCORD, NH – Today the NH House Education Committee passed HB 564, statewide gun free schools, amended by a vote of 11-8. Statements from the prime sponsor and advocates: “The presence of firearms in our schools disrupts learning… Read More

Day Before Anniversary of Parkland Shooting, New Hampshire to Hold Public Hearings on Gun Free Schools, Background Checks, and Waiting Periods

HB 109 would close background check loopholes, HB 514 creates a waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm, HB 564 keeps guns out of our schools, and HB 687 passes an extreme risk protection order… Read More

Gun Violence Prevention Advocates Applaud NH House Vote to Keep Guns Out of State House Chambers and Gallery

Next up: time to close background check loopholes, create a waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm, keep guns out of schools, and pass an extreme risk protection order Concord, NH – Members of the… Read More

Granite State Progress Releases State Senate and House Reports Cards on Gun Violence Prevention Votes

How did your State Senators and Representatives vote on firearms related legislation? CONCORD, NH – Granite State Progress is releasing State Senate and House Report Cards on gun violence prevention votes from the 2017-2018 session. Constituents can learn… Read More

How Did Your State Senator and Reps Vote on Gun Violence Prevention?

Governor Sununu and Senate Republicans have spent their time in Concord parroting gun lobby talking points instead of standing up for the safety of students and families. Meanwhile, other elected officials are working hard to advance common sense… Read More

While Governor Sununu Spews Gun Lobby Talking Points, Next Door a Republican Governor Takes Real Action to Reduce Gun Violence

Vermont Governor Phil Scott announces support for a package of gun reform laws; says Governor, legislature have ‘tremendous responsibility’ to act Concord, NH – Yesterday in New Hampshire, Governor Chris Sununu joined NHPR The Exchange where he doubled… Read More

GSP Statement on House Vote in Opposition to Campus Carry, and Senate Public Hearing on Gun Free Schools

Campus carry fails in NH House 231-110, State Senate amendment means schools will get public hearing on gun free school zones Concord, NH – Today the NH House soundly voted down HB 1542, which would have forced universities… Read More

State of the State: Governor Sununu’s Track Record on Guns in Schools

The first bill Governor Sununu ever signed into law allows dangerous individuals to bring guns into our schools; as recently as last week he refused to support protections for our children Concord, NH – During Governor Chris Sununu’s… Read More