NH Progressive Megaphone

a banner that says "NH Progressive Megaphone - an online community to share and grow progressive messaging." Graphic images of people hold signs that say, "vote" "Black Lives Matter", and show the earth.

Join Granite State Progress and fellow activists on Fridays from noon-1PM for lively conversation and creative ideas on how to hold politicians’ feet to the fire and engage our community around issues of immediate state and local concern. Working together, we create digital and popular education tools to help people understand what is happening at the NH State House and the policies, personalities, and decisions affecting our health and our environment. A strong focus of our weekly maker’s space is the creation and distribution of regular, localized State House accountability materials.

Grab your lunch, listen to a highlight reel of the major political moments of the past week and a glance at what’s ahead, then participate in a collaborative work block to share ideas and create. Approved content will be distributed through Granite State Progress via our app, Our Megaphone — as well as partner platforms in addition to individual activist accounts.

Our Megaphone is an invite-only app and web browser community that includes a library of graphics, gifs, and video content across progressive issues. Together, regularly sharing content across our issues, we can ensure that progressive messages are seen, heard, and that they inspire people to take action.

First, sign up for our interest form to get access to the NH “Our Megaphone” app and web browser community.

Then, register for our Friday Weekend Update series! *** No experience necessary. Bring your ideas, get trained on the tools! **