Health Care & Economic Justice

The NH Health Care Coalition is a collection of state-based advocacy organizations and grassroots groups working together to protect and advance quality, affordable health care for all Granite Staters.

Overall Objectives:

  • Establish an ongoing health care coalition to coordinate around key advocacy opportunities and potential threats to access to quality, affordable health care in New Hampshire
  • Develop an overarching communications and public education campaign to protect health care access and consumer protections which currently exist [and seek to strengthen both]
  • Hold accountable politicians or anti-health care reform groups which seek to undermine health access or consumer protections

The NH Health Care Coalition meets virtually for 30-45 minutes each week. To join our mailing list or meetings, contact Nancy Glynn, Community Engagement Coordinator, at

Action Alert: Repeal NH’s Damaging Medicaid Expansion Work Requirements

Support HB 185 – Repeal NH’s Damaging Med Ex Work Requirement
Tuesday, February 2nd at 1:00 PM
House Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee

Medicaid expansion work requirements set up more barriers for people who need health care. Work requirements in other states have caused tens of thousands of low-income individuals to lose their health coverage, including those who qualified but had difficulty overcoming the bureaucratic obstacles to prove that they meet the requirements or qualify for limited exemptions. Overall, work requirements are incredibly self-defeating: taking away people’s health coverage often makes it harder for them to find or keep a job.

HB 185 seeks to remove the damaging work requirement from New Hampshire’s Medicaid expansion program – a reasonable move considering a federal judge has already struck it down. New Hampshire has already spent more than $4 million in state and federal money to try to implement this policy, and continues to support an appeal in the courts to enforce it. It’s time to stop wasting our taxpayer dollars on trying to take away health care from those who most need it, and instead invest in ways to ensure every Granite Stater has quality, affordable health coverage.

Take Action: Sign in today to tell members of the House Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee to vote YES on HB 185.

Use this link to sign in support or to sign up to provide oral testimony:

Use this link to watch or participate in the hearing on Tuesday, February 2nd:
Phone: 1-929-205-6099
Webinar ID: 912 8591 1171

You can learn more about the harmful impacts of work requirements here:

If you need help drafting a statement in support of HB 185, please contact