Public Education is On the Ballot

On the eve of the General Election, public education in New Hampshire has never been more vulnerable. Last session House Republicans implemented a bloated school voucher program that is already $14 million over budget and which diverts public taxpayer dollars to private, religious, and home schools. House Republicans also passed a statewide ban on an accurate, honest education, making it more difficult for educators to teach about critical issues like racism and slavery, and preventing students from learning from the mistakes of the past in order to build a better future.

Now, Republicans in the State House have submitted early bill requests to expand the school voucher program for wealthy families; push through so-called ‘parental rights’ or Don’t Say Gay bills designed to target LGBTQ+ students; and allow educators to carry firearms in classrooms, to the detriment of the safety of our students and schools.

All of these bills are part of a coordinated effort to attack public education and drive a wedge between parents and local public schools. Some politicians are even trying to abolish public education altogether – just look at what happened in Croydon, NH where far right actors slashed the school budget in half. Local parents were looking at having to pay tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket to keep their kids in school, while opponents to public education promoted for-profit education vendors with little to no educational background.

The good news is that supporters of a strong, honest, and fully funded public education have been winning simply by showing up for public education and our students. 

In school board races across the state, proponents of public education won, and in Croydon they restored their budget and saved their public school. Meanwhile, New Hampshire communities are showing up for our students, making it clear that every student deserves a strong public education in a supportive, affirming learning environment.

We hope that all supporters of public education will make it a priority to go to the polls on Tuesday, November 8th, because the future of our public schools and an honest, inclusive education is on the line.

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