Stand With Women

Times have changed. Today, women are central to our families and our economy. More women than ever are working outside the home, heading households and leading in the workplace. We must take action now to ensure that women have equal rights and receive fair treatment on the job, in health care and in the new economy. Instead of limiting reproductive rights and protecting outdated workplace policies that discriminate against women, our priority in New Hampshire should be to guarantee full and fair opportunities for women to succeed and take care of their families. It’s going to take all of us to update the rules so that all women can be equal partners in the new economy and their families can thrive.

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FOR FREEDOM: Support Fair and Equal Reproductive Rights for Women.
Over 84% of women have a child by the time they are in their 40’s. Having children has huge personal, health, and economic impacts on women and families, so women need guaranteed access to health care whether they have children or not. Equality for women starts with affordable health care, including no cost birth control, pregnancy and maternity care, and abortion, without interference from politicians or employers. We STAND WITH WOMEN to support pro-active policies to expand access to women’s health care, including birth control and abortion, and against efforts to limit services or to criminalize pregnant and parenting women.

FOR FAMILY VALUES: Abolish Maternity and Family Penalties at Work.
Most women in today’s workforce are working to support children and families. Corporations are padding profits at the expense of workers by refusing to provide paid leave, forcing women to choose between work and family. It’s time to update work standards and stop discrimination that punishes women for pregnancy, parenting and fulfilling family responsibilities. We STAND WITH WOMEN to demand that businesses adopt responsible leave policies that protect women against discrimination, harassment, and maternity penalties on the job.

FOR FAIRNESS: Raise Wages and Provide Equal Pay for Equal Work.
Women face unfair pay at almost every level of the new economy, whether in low-wage industries and “tipped” jobs or in higher-paying white collar jobs where they are paid less for the same work. Women are underrepresented in promotions and leadership positions everywhere. We STAND WITH WOMEN for equal pay for equal work, raising wages in industries that pay women workers poverty wages, guaranteeing women the right to form a union, and ensuring fair promotions and representation in leadership.

FOR OPPORTUNITY: Invest in Women and Families for a Better Future.
It’s time to invest in more opportunities for women to enter, stay and flourish in the workforce. There are more women graduating from college today than men; the fastest growing industries employ mainly women; and women are increasingly leading households as single parents. We STAND WITH WOMEN for investments in affordable childcare, education, job training, and retirement security that enable women to participate fully in the  economy.