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Granite State Progress serves as a communications hub for progressive organizations in New Hampshire, working to challenge conservative propaganda in the media and make sure that progressive perspectives are heard. Our members mobilize around issues of immediate state and local concern to help amplify the message of coalition partners or step out in front to lead issue or rapid response campaigns when a progressive voice is needed. Core campaigns include education justice, economic justice, health care and reproductive freedom, gun violence prevention, voting rights and redistricting, and special interest influence exposes.


We currently have no other job postings aside from internships.


Internships are based out of the Concord office; a limited number of hours may be completed at home. All candidates should be committed to progressive issues and ideals; creative and willing to push the envelope with hard-hitting communications activities; excellent at verbal and written communication; organized and detail-oriented; brave enough to suggest their own ideas for campaigns and tactics; able to take charge of independent projects but willing to come together as a team for big campaign pushes. Also must enjoy/pretend to enjoy mandatory (office) family fun days and social networking events.

• Granite State Progress will provide ongoing training and social networking opportunities. • Interns need to be available at least 10+ hours a week on a regular schedule; more hours available. • To apply, send a letter of interest and resume to Please note which fellowship position you are most interested in and whether you are applying for class credit, a paid internship, or an unpaid internship. Granite State Progress provides paid internships when possible but does not always have paid internship positions available.

Research Fellow

The Research Fellow monitors elected officials, candidates and political groups, identifying opportunities for positive and negative accountability and conducting deeper research on issues, policy stances, voting records, campaign donations, and other information as needed.


• Monitor and identify hot-button political issues at the local, state and federal level.

• Assist partner organizations in research requests on specific issues or elected officials.

• Track legislative issues and whip counts on priority bills.

• Track voting records and statements of election officials and candidates.

• Contribute to Free State Project Watch and ALEC Exposed research efforts and reports.

• Investigate tips from the public, particularly concerning financial records and ethics issues.

IDEAL CANDIDATE: Your fifth-grade book report read like a thesis; you dream of breaking the stories that will land on national media.

Communications & Organizing Fellow

The Communications & Organizing Fellow builds connections with best messengers and coalition partners to engage them in media and policy opportunities and ensure the collective progressive community delivers the right message at the right time in response to major issues.

• Identify and engage best messengers on key progressive issues.

• Organize pro-active or rapid response communications and events to counter right-wing rhetoric.

• Draft communications materials, including press releases, fact sheets, op-eds, and online content.

• Track news clips and identify opportunities for action, response, or amplification.

• Assist partner organizations with communication requests and trainings.

• Work with Community Engagement Coordinator to identify and develop member leaders

• Participate in video tracking of high-profile issue campaigns, hearings or political candidates

IDEAL CANDIDATE: You thrive on the latest news cycle and beating the opposition’s message at every turn OR At one with the people; organizing and engaging others to find their political voice is your bread and butter.

Digital Organizing Fellow

The Digital Organizing Fellow utilizes cutting-edge online technology and creative viral marketing to reach an ever-growing audience and build support for Granite State Progress campaigns.

• Develop creative and timely digital content to engage and attract members.

• Develop creative website pages and member action alerts.

• Manage Granite State Progress’ Facebook, Twitter and YouTube online organizing activities.

• Conduct regular outreach to targeted websites and blogs.

• Participate in video tracking of high-profile issue campaigns, hearings or political candidates.

• Support graphics & film editing for Granite State Progress campaigns

IDEAL CANDIDATE: Social media addicts, self-taught web designers, successful multi-level marketers, and future documentarians all welcome.

Development and Membership Outreach Fellow

The Development and Membership Outreach Fellow will help research funding opportunities and organize social membership and fundraising events in support of Granite State Progress.

• Develop member communication materials and reports to build a stronger understanding of Granite State Progress campaigns and successes.

• Help design and coordinate special mailings to specific member groups.

• Conduct philanthropy research and generate reports, including preliminary grant analysis.

• Organize social membership and fundraising events in conjunction with lead donors and activists.

• Assist the director in targeted donor outreach.

• Brainstorm and develop concepts for annual membership and development programs.

IDEAL CANDIDATE: A noted party-planner who can rub elbows with donors but is still willing to be the one slapping stickers onto those fancy invitations.

Interested but don’t see the right fit? Pitch us an idea — that’s how we all ended up working here!