Granite State Progress, Action Together New Hampshire Statements on Rep. Fisher Resignation

Fisher finally resigns under threat of legal action for lying under oath; just minutes after NH GOP votes to provide political cover for Fisher’s promotion of rape culture

Concord, NH – Granite State Progress and Action Together New Hampshire are pleased that rape culture promoter and rape apologist Rep. Robert Fisher (R-Laconia) finally resigned today.

Statement from Action Together New Hampshire Executive Director Emily Morgan:

“Action Together New Hampshire is pleased to learn Robert Fisher tendered his resignation following the executive session on his actions. While seeing Fisher out of a position of power was the outcome we were seeking, we are deeply disturbed by the extreme partisanship and blatant misogyny that this process exposed in the House. Action Together New Hampshire remains committed to holding elected officials accountable regardless of party affiliation, and we expect honorable public servants to also hold their colleagues to a higher standard of behavior than Mr. Fisher demonstrated.”

Statement from Granite State Progress Executive Director Zandra Rice Hawkins:

“We are pleased that Rep. Fisher finally resigned, though we note his resignation only came after House Democrats threatened to take his statements under oath to the Attorney General for investigation. From start to finish, Robert Fisher has not been honest and transparent regarding his viewpoints that women are of a lesser class than their male counterparts. We remain concerned that just minutes before his resignation, the NH GOP sent a loud message that it will work to provide political cover for individuals like Fisher who promote rape culture and misogyny. House Speaker Shawn Jasper, Republican Majority Leader Dick Hinch, and the entire Republican caucus of the Legislative Administration committee undermined the trust placed in them by constituents by putting party politics ahead of the women and children of our state and voting for no action to be taken on then-Rep. Fisher. There is absolutely no question this was about politics, since the Republicans required the motion on Fisher to be combined with a motion regarding actions of another elected official, leaving the committee with only the option to approve or condemn them both. It is hard to imagine a jury being ordered to issue a joint ruling on two different individuals charged with two very different offenses, but that is exactly the partisan game the NH House GOP played today. Furthermore, they refused to even allow a minority report.”

The following House Republicans voted against democracy three times today – first, to require a single recommendation that would apply to both representatives; second, to refuse a minority report; and third, to recommend no action against Rep. Robert Fisher for creating a platform for misogyny and rape culture promotion:

Republican Majority Leader Richard Hinch, Chairman (R-Merrimack)
Sherman Packard, Vice Chairman (R-Londonderry)
Phyllis Katsakiores (R-Derry)
Brad Bailey (R-Monroe)
Kathleen Hoelzel (R-Raymond)
Robert Nigrello, Clerk (R-East Kingston)
Douglas Thomas (R-Londonderry)
Skylar Boutin (R-Lisbon)

The following House Democrats stood up for constituents three times today, challenging the ruling of the chair to call for a divided recommendation, calling for an opportunity to write a minority report, and insisting for action to be taken against Rep. Fisher:

Democratic Minority Leader Stephen Shurtleff (D-Penacook)
Lucy Weber (D-Walpole)
Tim Smith (D-Manchester)
Cindy Rosenwald (D-Nashua)
Allison Nutting (D-Nashua)
Catt Sandler (D-Dover)


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