GSP Droppin’ Knowledge November

Join Granite State Progress for “Droppin’ Knowledge November” – a series of meetings, presentations, and train the trainer events all month long to help combat disinformation and extremism in our communities. In addition, Granite State Progress is dropping new or under-reported details on far-right groups and bad actors sowing distrust and democracy disruptions in New Hampshire; check out GSP social media channels throughout the month to get informed and learn ways to challenge this activity in your community. Get ready to make some good trouble to protect the health and safety of our communities and our nation. To register, click here.

Militias & Extremists in New Hampshire: The Growing Threat & What We Know
Wednesday, November 3rd @ 7:00 pm
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The growing threat of domestic terrorism came into glaring reality during the attack on the US Capitol Building. Armed militias, white supremacists, and other extremist groups from across the nation played a significant role in carrying out the violence. In New Hampshire, there has been a marked increase in white nationalism, violent rhetoric, and extremist activity in the past year over COVID public health efforts, anti-Critical Race Theory witch hunts, and the Big Lie, only further fueling the groups that were already active and working to sow distrust and undermine our public institutions. And far too often, Republican leaders have not only failed to call these groups out — they have instead worked to curry their favor in order to advance their own pet political projects. Granite State Progress has been tracking extremist groups and individuals in New Hampshire for most of the last decade, and is on the (zoom) road with new details about who is behind these movements and what they are really aiming to do. Already, hundreds of Granite Staters have participated in the discussion, gaining insight and expertise on these movements, the politicians and systems enabling them, and what we must do to stop them from gaining a stronger foothold in New Hampshire.

The Free State Project’s Attempt to Dismantle State Government
Wednesday, November 10th @ 6:30 pm
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The Free State Project’s stated purpose is to move to New Hampshire, take over state government and dismantle it, and create a libertarian utopia devoid of public infrastructure. Over 20,000 libertarians have signed a letter of intent to move, with thousands of early movers already in-state. Granite State Progress and a working group of community members have tracked the influence and structure of the Free State Project over the years, from their attempts to slash public services to their vast social network that helps identify housing, jobs, and political opportunities for movers, to the growing infiltration of traditional Republican circles and institutions. This is particularly important information right now as Free Staters hold the House Republican Majority seat and several committee chair positions, and as other FSP electeds in the State House have submitted a bill to secede from the rest of the country. Come learn what it is about, how they operate, and what you can do to protect your community from their extreme tactics and ideology. Hosted by WinDems

Complicit Chris Sununu & Frank Edelblut Too
Sunday, November 14th @ 7:00 pm
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Complicit Chris Sununu has a long history of coddling white nationalism, violent rhetoric, and extremist movements. Come learn the incredible examples of how far Complicit Chris is willing to go to secure support for his own political agenda and pet projects. As a bonus, Granite State Progress will also share our issue file on Sununu’s handpicked Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut, who is also working to curry favor with some of the most extreme factions in New Hampshire politics.

Truth Be Told: Teaching Truth and Combatting Propaganda
Thursday, November 18th @ 7:00 pm
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Join us for a discussion about Critical Race Theory and the political landscape of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Justice efforts in New Hampshire public schools, including recent attempts to undermine a strong and inclusive public education. Learn how to fight back against disinformation about Critical Race Theory and promote DEIJ in your community as parents, community members, school board leaders and administrators, and educators.

Statewide Organizing Meeting: School Boards
Sunday, November 21st @ 4:00 pm
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Across New Hampshire, public education is underfunded and under attack from multiple school privatization schemes, while school boards are facing disruptions and threats around public health and the anti-CRT witch hunt that is targeting diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice programs and much more. Despite the differences in the issues, many of the same groups and actors on the right are driving these tactics. Come learn how communities are dealing with this first-hand, and ways to protect a strong, healthy, and inclusive public education for all Granite State children.

GSP State House Accountability Toolkit
Tuesday, November 30th @ 7:00 pm
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Join Granite State Progress for a briefing on how to use our GSP State House Accountability Toolkit to share the issue statements and vote records of the Governor, Executive Councilors, State Senators, and State Representatives on major issues facing our state. Following a presentation on district-specific accountability tools to help local groups hold politicians’ feet to the fire, participate in a discussion on how to increase public awareness and civic participation to make sure elected officials are voting in the best interest of their constituents.