Executive Council Rejects Federal Vaccine Money After Hours of Criminal Threatening from Armed Anti-Vax Protestors

Executive Council Rejects Federal Vaccine Money After Hours of Criminal Threatening from Armed Anti-Vax Protestors

CONCORD, NH – Today the NH Executive Council succumbed to the demands of armed far-right extremists and voted against accepting $27 million in federal funds to boost vaccination rates in New Hampshire. 

Statement from Zandra Rice Hawkins, Executive Director of Granite State Progress:

“Governor Chris Sununu’s history of echoing far right opposition to vaccine requirements and opposing universal masking contributed to the reckless outcome of this vote. It is shameful that as our COVID cases continue to increase, Sununu and his Republican majorities are turning away opportunities to help our families and communities. It is equally disturbing that armed protestors strapped with AR-15’s showed up to the meeting, which had already been moved to the Police Academy for increased security, to threaten and intimidate our elected officials. Our decisions should be made based on public health and science, not conspiracy theories, disinformation, and fear. We thank Councilor Warmington who stood up to these intimidation tactics and supported efforts to move our community past the COVID-19 pandemic. The scene at the Executive Council and in school districts across the state is a direct result of Complicit Chris Sununu’s tacit endorsement and coddling of extremist behavior. Sununu campaigned for each and every one of the Executive Councilors who opposed these federal funds, as well as many other politicians spreading disinformation. His office has worked repeatedly with some of the same groups and individuals who are harassing and threatening elected and state officials. New Hampshire needs a leader in these dangerous and disturbing times, and Governor Sununu is failing in that job.”

Complicit Chris Sununu has a long history of coddling white nationalists, armed militias, and other extremist movements. Learn more at ComplicitChrisSununu.com.


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