Complicit Chris Sununu Cowardly Signs Budget in Private, Endorsing White Supremacy, Misogyny, and Ableism Behind Closed Doors

Governor Chris Sununu

CONCORD, NH – Governor Chris Sununu signed into law today one of the most extreme, hyper-partisan, toxic budgets in New Hampshire history. Sununu signed the heavily criticized bill behind closed doors just a day after it was passed by the House and Senate, just as he lobbied for it behind closed doors while repeatedly telling the press that it was “not his bill” when questioned about the real and devastating impacts of it. 

Statement from Granite State Progress Executive Director Zandra Rice Hawkins:

“Governor Chris Sununu is so embarrassed by this toxic and extreme budget that he won’t even sign it in a public ceremony. That’s because Chris Sununu knows that this budget does not reflect the values or priorities of Granite Staters. It is nothing more than a wishlist for far-right, dark money special interest groups. It leaves our communities underfunded and starved for resources while his corporate buddies and ultra-wealthy campaign donors get a payday. It silences necessary conversations about systemic racism, sexism, and ableism while giving a wink and a nudge to already emboldened white nationalists. It criminalizes medical procedures and mandates unnecessary and invasive examinations while defunding the providers who are equipped to give that care. How embarrassed do you have to be to sign an all-Republican state budget right before Friday at 5:00 pm with no fanfare? Sununu knows this budget harms Granite State families and priorities. Now our job is to make sure everyone else does too.”

Background: Sununu’s budget includes an anti-American ban on teaching about systemic racism, sexism, and ableism; the first abortion ban in New Hampshire’s history along with a mandate for medically unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds; the most expansive school voucher program in the nation; the defunding of the Department of Health and Human Services during an ongoing pandemic and recession’ massive corporate and special interest tax breaks; and a bailout for wealthy victims of a Ponzi scheme while average Granite State families will see a property tax hike.


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