ICYMI: Former President of Free State Project Condemns House Speaker Shawn Jasper, Calls for New Hampshire to Secede

Former FSP President opposes House Speaker Shawn Jasper’s call for GOP to “distance ourselves from the Free State Project” – then doubles down on secession

Concord, NH – Carla Gericke, president emeritus of the Free State Project, condemns House Speaker Shawn Jasper (R) in an op-ed in the Union Leader today titled “Another View, with Carla Gericke: Jasper wrong to dismiss Free State Project.” In the opinion piece, Gericke touts how many Free State Project members have already moved to New Hampshire and openly advocates for secession, stating:

“Some, like me, are interested in states’ rights, nullification, and independence, even, possibly, eventually “divorcing” from the increasingly intrusive and bullying federal government.” – Carla Gericke, Union Leader, 9/28/17

Gericke is president of the Free State Project off-shoot group the Foundation for NH Independence – which is actively organizing for secession. Her op-ed is in response to Speaker Jasper’s recent remarks that the NH GOP should “distance ourselves from the Free State Project.” Jasper and other prominent Republicans made the comments after an expose by Granite State Progress on the hidden agenda of Free State Project members.

Statement from Granite State Progress Executive Director Zandra Rice Hawkins:

“From the original concept paper to its off-shoot groups NH Exit and NH Foundation for Independence, the Free State Project has always embraced the idea of moving enough people to New Hampshire to threaten secession from the rest of the country. The Free State Project candidates running for state house or municipal office don’t openly share those or other extreme views when campaigning for office, which is why Granite State Progress created Free State Project Watch to better educate voters and constituents. We also keep a close watch on how people who moved here as part of the Free State Project seek to undermine the quality of life in our state in other ways, including but not limited to their extreme antics in Keene and elsewhere.”

“It’s time for more leaders in New Hampshire to stand up and publicly condemn the extreme views and politics of those who participate in the Free State Project.”

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