Free State Project Electeds Overwhelmingly Vote for Transgender Discrimination, Against Child Human Trafficking Victims

There are 16 known Free State Project members in the New Hampshire State House, plus 1 additional Honorary FSP member who actively helps the Free State Project build a network here. How did those “freedom-loving, personal liberty” Free Staters vote on bills of consequence this week?

Overwhelmingly for discrimination and against child human trafficking victims. By the numbers:

The vast majority, (11) Free Staters, voted to keep discrimination in place and also sided with johns over child human trafficking victims:

State Representative Party County District
Aldrich, Glen Republican Belknap 2
Sylvia, Michael Republican Belknap 6
Comeau, Ed Republican Carroll 5
Hull, Robert Republican Grafton 9
Dickey, Glen Republican Hillsborough 5
Murphy, Keith Republican Hillsborough 7
Prout, Andrew Republican Hillsborough 37
Ammon, Keith Republican Hillsborough 40
Seaworth, Brian Republican Merrimack 20
Osborne, Jason Republican Rockingham 4
Hoell, J.R. Republican Merrimack 23

Another (2) Free Staters voted to table the transgender non-discrimination bill, but at least voted to protect child human trafficking victims:

McGuire, Carol Republican Merrimack 29
Edwards, Jess Republican Rockingham 4

Another (2) Free Staters did the opposite, voting against the transgender tabling motion but also voting against protecting child human trafficking victims:

Bouldin, Amanda Democrat Hillsborough 12
Hynes, Dan Republican Hillsborough 21

And the last (2) Free Staters were only present for the transgender tabling motion, and thankfully voted on the side of non-discrimination:

Edwards, Elizabeth Democrat Hillsborough 11
Schleien, Eric Republican Hillsborough 37

For those counting:

 76% of Free Staters voted to keep discrimination in place

87% of Free Staters sided with johns over child human trafficking victims

Over here at Granite State Progress, we believe personal liberty means not being discriminated against because of your gender identity, and that freedom includes that children shouldn’t be trapped by the bondage of human trafficking.