House Republicans Are Playing Political Games with the NH State Budget Instead of Investing in Our People and Communities

House budget is filled with corporate tax give-aways and downshifting at the expense of a strong, healthy, and equitable New Hampshire

CONCORD, NH – The NH Coalition for a People’s Budget released the following statements today regarding passage of the House budget:

Deborah Opramolla, Chairperson of the NH Poor People’s Campaign: “This budget has an overall lack of investment in public health infrastructure, public education, affordable housing, and health care, while providing massive corporate tax give-aways to out of state corporations. Our communities deserve a state budget that invests in our communities’ health, education, recovery, and opportunity. This budget is nowhere close to a morally or fiscally responsible budget.”

Maggie Fogarty, Co-Director, American Friends Service Committee: “We can invest in our critical public infrastructure and our families by fairly taxing the wealthy and corporations which operate in New Hampshire. Instead this budget includes devastating cuts that will further cause harm to the families and communities who can least afford it. We will continue to call for a People’s Budget that adequately meets our community’s needs.”

Leah Cohen, Press Secretary and Digital Engagement Organizer, Granite State Progress: “This budget is filled with corporate tax give-aways and downshifting at the expense of a strong, healthy, and equitable New Hampshire. Our country has a real opportunity right now to address systemic barriers that disproportionately harm black and brown people, low-income Granite Staters, and working families, but instead this budget doubles down on the same failed policies that got us here in the first place – this time with an extra dose of racist, extremist behavior. Republican majorities in the State House knew they could not get their most extreme agenda items passed through the normal legislative process, so they hid these disastrous policies in the state budget and outside of the public eye.”

For a copy of the full People’s Budget demands or examples of the many failures of the House Republican budget, please contact Leah Cohen at


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