One Day After Insurgents Storm Nation’s Capitol, Governor Chris Sununu Questions Election Integrity of Other States During Inaugural Speech (Video)

CONCORD, NH — One day after insurgents stormed the nation’s capitol in an attempted coup, Republican Governor Chris Sununu questioned the election integrity of other states during his inaugural speech and downplayed the responsibility of those rioting in DC.

Video Excerpt: Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) Inaugural Speech

(Governor Chris Sununu: 2021 Inaugural Address, Minute 18:52, 1.7.21)

“I do want to take a moment to address the 2020 election here in New Hampshire, as well as the complexity and the controversy we saw across this country surrounding the results; cumulating in the tragic events that unfolded yesterday in Washington. Across the country many states found their systems in turmoil, adding confusion and chaos to an already deepening public health crisis.

But here in New Hampshire we owe a debt of gratitude to all the town moderators, the volunteers, and our teams working with the Secretary of State Bill Gardner, and Attorney General Gordon MacDonald, for ensuring New Hampshire’s elections went off exactly as we needed them to. With integrity and accountability.

Granite State Progress Executive Director Zandra Rice Hawkins released the following statement: “Sununu continues his wink and nod to extremists by calling into question the integrity of other states’ elections and by downplaying the attempted coup in our nation’s capitol. This was an attack on our country, brought on by a president who refuses to accept the decision of the American people. Sununu should call it what it is: treason.”